Q- Can everything be healed ?

  • Yes, I believe so.

Q- How fast can we expect results ?

  • Immediately up to 3 weeks

Q- What determent the time length of the healing?

  • It is related to the nature of the illness, how long you have it and its spiritual source.

Q- What about physical injury?

  • The treatment speeds up the healing process and will reduce 30%-50% in estimated healing period.

Q- Do I need to do something for the healing?

  • The Healing sessions are done when you are sleeping and relaxed.

Q- Are there any terms for the healing?

  • Yes, you must want to be healed.

Q- How would I know that you will return my money if the healing fails?

  • The payment is done through Paypal and they secure your money and protect the client 100% – All you need to do is open a dispute with them and direct them to our Terms and conditions page. In any case I promise that upon an email from you that you are not happy with the results I will keep my word and return your money!